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Address锛欵astern Lake Industrial Park,Macun District, Jiaozuo,China
Tel锛0086 391 3956899/3956869
Fax锛0086 391 3953869
Contact锛歀eila Wu
Phone锛0086 152 2583 7728
Jiaozuo Zhuoer Machinery Manufacturing CO. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing new type Conveyor Accessories & Services. Our products are widely used in bulk material handling industries including mine, power generation, cement, metallurgy, chemical and other fields. Our main products include Conveyor Impact Beds, Impact Bars, Conveyor Belt Cleaners, Pulley Lagging, Ceram.. [Detail]
Polyurethane Products
V-Plough Belt Cleaner(Return B..
ZE-LZ Rubber Pulley Lagging
Rubber & Ceramic Composite Wea..
Self-adjusting Primary PU Belt..
Impact Bar
Rongda Baidu
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Tel锛0086 391 3956899/3956869銆Fax锛0086 391 3953869銆E-mail锛jzzejx66@163.com銆Zip锛454171銆Address锛欵astern Lake Industrial Park,Macun District, Jiaozuo,China
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